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Transitional Optimization

KBA & Associates, INC.
KBA & Associates, INC.

Strategy Execution

KBA & Associates, INC.
KBA & Associates, INC.

CFO/Tax integration

KBA & Associates, INC.
KBA & Associates, INC.

Exit Planning

KBA & Associates, INC.
KBA & Associates, INC.

Provide tools to integrate value drivers into day to day operations – Preserving, Protecting and Promoting Value


Strategy is the starting line the value is in the accomplishment.

KBA works with you to optimize value with minimized disruption and risk. Engaging employees towards an achievable actionable organized direction. We work with you to focus on the results to be achieved, the desired outcome and developing the tasks necessary for accomplishment.

KBA’s team has a unique group of industry specialists with comprehensive specialized business insight. Beginning with
new to market positive revenue stream to large mid-sized companies. We have a reputation of working through to solution with our clients.

Identify strategic reality unlocking the present positioning for growth with cash flow- Prepares the company for the future of optimizing opportunities, pivot adaptability and provides for stability and sustainability.

Create an organizational wide actionable winning roadmap utilizing processes and procedures that stick with rhythm to accelerate growth with profit - focused with results Omnichannel marketing, production, technology, responsive key performance indicators in rhythm.

CFO action to provide financial records with actionable information allowing for margin, key performance indicator and compliance monitoring. Proactively preventing revenue leakage and working capital stress.

Create tax optimization opportunities Deep Dive into tax code and compliance to maximize planning and integrate a tax information collection structure throughout the organization to capture Research and Development, 179 deductions for equipment, qualified business income deduction, qualified small business stock and such.

Clarity in Direction Exit Planning Identify reality develop a plan with built in flexibility and pivots to maximize value and minimize disruption. Unite the company’s owners vision with the present and desired future outcomes. Develop and discuss the key issues, valuation. There are many lists of to do’s and advice but what is your desired direction?

The pursuit of a great image has many parallels to the development of a great company. Business challenges and nature photography both require us to focus, and be patient to develop and transcend the ordinary. Strategic planning prepares us to be present for opportunities and ready to pivot as opportunities present themselves. I have selected my images on KBA’s website to depict some of the parallels with business to spark curiosity, elicit empathy and raise consciousness within your business.

Execution begins

with your next Action