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Is Employee Accountability A Necessary Element Of Value Building In Companies

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Is Employee Accountability A Necessary Element Of Value Building In Companies?   

Celebrate the Wins, 71% of business leaders view high levels of employee engagement critical to organizational success.  Recognition given for high performance has been proven to have a significant t impact on feeling engaged. Make the results of high performance and accountability visible by publically celebrating wins have been proven to provide a positive reinforcement to further encourage positive engaged behaviors.  

Yes studies show accountability is an important cultural element of effective organizations.  Putting the right people in the right roles makes all the difference and enables your employees to get stuff done, generate the best results and feel good about it  

So what are the techniques to start establishing employee accountability? 

  1. Connect the dots – Communicate the purpose so the employees understand how their work fits into the bigger picture and financially impacts the company.  Why? They can see visually how their contribution aligns with the larger organization goals, strategic plans, builds company value and creates a sense of purpose.   Understand their perception is different as you travel through the organization and that the perception is what is different. Different for the CEO and the accounting clerk.     
  2. Set Clear Expectations and their measurement – Communicate the purpose, the steps to be taken including why the work is important, and what occurs after the commitments are delivered.  Ask the employee if the resources they need including time are available for their success.  
  3. Have hard and soft deadlines – with progress benchmarks for longer projects 
  4. Have a communication process that promotes transparency.  A two way street with open, honest, problem solving conversations diminish barriers to success. Sharing information with employees enables them to make better and more informed decisions.  Transparency and accountability are related and can lead to exponential growth and profitability.  
  5. Provide feedback and a thank you. 

But for accountability to be effective requires commitment and consistency.  Strive for the above techniques to be part of the everyday life of the employees in your company.