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Some Exit Strategy Questions

  • Why do I need an Exit Strategy when I have no plans to sell my company?
  • I am too busy to start planning now so what is the problem?
  • I cannot afford to dedicate the time and energy involved with planning an Exit Strategy.
  • I know the value of my business – are you sure?
  • I have a growth strategy and I am successful so why do I need an Exit Strategy?
  • Is my company fit for growth to maximize profitability?
  • What are my exit options?
  • What will be the business transition hurdles?
  • What are the business valuation principles and concepts.
  • What else is on your mind?

Some Business Valuation Questions

  • What are the value drivers of my business?
  • How do I maximize the value drivers to increase the company value?
  • My company is growing rapidly what are the risks I am not seeing?
  • Company employee alignment - meeting fatigue without results.
  • My Company seems to be stuck. Why?
  • Do I have market misalignment?
  • Have we outgrown our business model?
  • Why are we outgrowing our money and experiencing cash flow problems?
  • What else is on your mind?

Some Business Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales Discussions

  • How can we execute our strategic planning and align costs with producing company value?
  • How can we fix our growth trauma and integrate our process, procedures and systems?
  • Why are we not meeting our sales and marketing projections?
  • Why can’t we get technology integrated in our company?
  • Sustainable profit, staff satisfaction and predicting and managing growth
  • Is my company fit for growth to maximize profitability?
  • How can I prioritize opportunities?
  • Change why? Enable change how?
  • I am experiencing rapid growth with narrowing margins and cash flow problems why?
  • What else is on your mind?

What happens next?

We will develop a powerful performance execution platform within your company. The disciplined platform will include the strategy, the actions, and the dashboard for performance that will be employee visible with alignment and accountability results .

The Platform’s Clarity Detail

  • Why the company’s purpose and mission?
  • How do we behave? (Rules of team engagement-communication, decision-making, conflict resolution
  • What do we do? (Our Service/Product offering)
  • How do we measure success?
  • What is important to do now? ( 5 initial priorities )
  • Who must do what, when and why? (How does it fit and accountability measurement)
  • Communication process

We not only bridge the people and business performance but we help align with the strategic goals the process and procedures, financial and tax systems, operations and sales and marketing of the company to support your employees and help ensure success.

You have put your trust in my firm and me and I will take your situation very seriously. I will attend to the detail, answer your questions and concerns, be available and most of all, make sure the solution is the best available within the constructs and constraints of any project.

I realize that if you are using my services, there may be a degree of stress and anxiety connected to the outcome and that warrants a little something extra. I only take engagements that I feel are good for my team and me and fit within our expertise within your identified time frame.

We do our work with a focus on you and your specific situation.
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