What sets us apart? Why talk with us

CEO Ann Bennett, CPA

  • Because we have been there and done it.
  • Through the disruptions of Major tax law changes, 2000 DOT. Com bubble, 2008 recession, technology to name a few disruptions
  • I have been a trusted advisor and strategist, founder and owner of IT software, manufacturing and construction companies. I have taught finance/tax to entrepreneurial communities in the US and India and currently advisor to several.
  • Using my hands-on business experience as an owner and big 4 public accounting audit, tax and consulting experience to work with business owners solving everyday problems developing a sustainable and profitable company, Teaching innovation workshops for financial clarity.
  • Current community involvement as Director of Environmental Learning for kids, Director Colorado Wildlife Organization, Strategic advisor Mind Shift Autistic learning for young adults.
  • KBA has a long-standing relationship of outstanding professionals with special expertise to work with as the need arises. Collaboration with your current outside professional strategic advisors is also welcome.