What sets us apart?

CEO Ann Bennett, CPA


To be successful and generate the highest value sale you need to tap into experience and wisdom – Ann Bennett has both. Below is a brief interview related to the sale of her business.

You have put your trust in my firm and me and I will take your situation very seriously. I will attend to the detail, answer your questions and concerns, be available and most of all, make sure the solution is the best available within the constructs and constraints of any project.

I realize that if you are using my services, there may be a degree of stress and anxiety connected to the outcome and that warrants a little something extra. I only take engagements that I feel are good for my team and me and fit within our expertise within your identified timeframe.

We do our work with a focus on you and your specific situation.
Let’s talk.

Why talk with us?

  • Because we have been there and done it.
  • Through the disruptions of Major tax law changes, 2000 DOT. Com bubble, 2008 recession, technology to name a few disruptions
  • I have been a trusted advisor and strategist, founder and owner of IT software, manufacturing and construction companies. I have taught finance/tax to entrepreneurial communities in the US and India and currently advisor to several.
  • Using my hands-on business experience as an owner and big 4 public accounting audit, tax and consulting experience to work with business owners solving everyday problems developing a sustainable and profitable company, Teaching innovation workshops for financial clarity.
  • Current community involvement as Director of Environmental Learning for kids, Director Colorado Wildlife Organization, Strategic advisor Mind Shift Autistic learning for young adults.
  • KBA has a long-standing relationship of outstanding professionals with special expertise to work with as the need arises. Collaboration with your current outside professional strategic advisors is also welcome.


“…The sale of your business or transition of ownership is inevitable. Is the real value what you believe it to be?  It is not premature to start to find out. My perceived company value was much larger when the opportunity offer came knocking?  So I executed a value building program building the value of my company so when I am ready to exit it will be for the price I want.  Don’t wait.  Contact Ann Bennett if just for an initial discovery call”   

- Founder and CEO of Human Resource Software Company