KBA is a collaborative, credentialed and deeply experienced team of CXOs who have come together to form a team of support for small and medium sized businesses. Our team expands the C suite bandwidth to solve problems and discover solutions to your most complex and pressing concerns.  Throughout the engagement we exercise communication, employee development.  We focus on employee alignment, right people in right seats, and allocation of resources to achieve the greatest company value.      

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Strategic Execution

Strategic Execution planning is where it starts but execution is where performance resides. 

  • Establishing Measurable Goals and Objectives to Facilitate Strategy
  • Target Markets and Competitive Positioning
  • Interim C Suite, Idea-Driven Growth, Management Alignment

CFO/Tax Integration

CFO/Tax Integration  rapid increases in tax-related data and regulatory complexity are overwhelming the traditional approaches to tax compliance creating the development of a new approach. 

  • Discover tax implications through-out the company and  incorporate into a tax framework process
  • Streamline tax data management and incorporate it into existing financial systems  
  • Develop a tax integration framework to maximize opportunities and minimize cost of compliance

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy if you only start thinking about an Exit Strategy when you’re ready to sell your business, don’t bother just put your business on the market.  The sooner you start the more value you will create in your business, regardless of whether or not you want to sell it or just create value and sustainability for your “lifestyle” business.  Every business creates intrinsic wealth but a Strategic Plan is necessary to unlock that wealth. 

  • Develop and Implement an Exit Plan
  • Discover Hidden Recurring Value and Missed opportunities to accelerate growth
  • Align management and employees

Transition Optimization

Transition Optimization is where there is a high risk of diminishing a company’s value.  Whether it be high growth or stagnate growth a fast growing company to be sold or a lifestyle company KBA works with you to scale growth with sustainability and value. 

  • Interim C Suite, Market and Business Model Alignment, Management Alignment, Capital
  • Process Improvement, Disciplined Execution and Systems, Project Management,
  • Employee Engagement, Performance Management